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a lighthouse for the sun

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we are solarminds, & we wish to share the sonic joy of our music
solarminds is a band. this is a site for information about solarminds. it is very much a work in progress.
this is the cover of our debut album, released in January 2008. to hear some songs, go to the solarminds MySpace
to order your own copy, or a t-shirt, or just to check it out, go to Mind Altering RecordS, our label's website.
recent reviews of our debut album:

Audiversity Review
San Diego Weekly Reader Review
12 string guitars, 6 degrees records, a perfect circle, akron family, ambient music, angels of light, bad seeds, beck, bill laswell, birthday party, bjørk, blixa bargeld, bob dylan, bob marley, brian eno, brmc, buddhism, catherine wheel, chameleons, chemical brothers, church, clash, cocteau twins, cramps, crash worship, cult, cure, dan bern, danny carey, david bowie, dead can dance, desert sessions, dj cheb i sabbah, eddy vedder, edward kaspell, enya, epiphone hollow body, experimental music, feedback, flaming lips, grant lee phillips, great annihilator, hallucination, harmoniums, headphones, hinduism, hope sandoval, human drama, iggy pop, incense, indie music, jack white, jarboe, jesus & mary chain, jimi hendrix, johnny cash, joy division, kali, karsh kale, larry seven, legendary pink dots, leonard cohen, light, lisa gerard, london suede, love & rockets, mars, mars volta, maynard james keenan, medication, meditation, mesa boogie, michael gira, mind altering records, mogwai, mojave 3, music, my bloody valentine, neil halstead, nick cave, nine inch nails, nirvana, omar rodriguez-lopez, p j harvey, paul oakenfold, pearl jam, peter murphy, pink floyd, pixies, portishead, pro-tools, production, psychedelic furs, psychic tv, radiohead, rain, recording, red house painters, red lorry yellow lorry, robert smith, sasha & digweed, sea ray, secret machines, sex gang children, shoegaze, siouxsie & the banshees, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, slowdive, smashing pumpkins, solarminds, solarone, sonic youth, spiritualized, starry, sun, sun kill moon, swans, swans related projects, theremins, tibet, tool, transcendence, u2, umbra, underworld, violas, wah pedals, wayne coyne, world of skin, yamaha motif, young god records